Picking Up and Dropping Off

  • Allocated school gates will be opened between 8:45 am and 9:00am each morning and 3:00pm – 3:15pm each afternoon
  • Nursery have their own gate at the end of the Gumbleberry Close cul de sac.
  • Reception, Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 will enter school through the large double gates onto the playground. There is a one way system in place; they will walk to their class door which will be open and enter in to school.
  • Year 1 will use the gate that leads directly to their classroom. There is a one way system in place; they will walk to their class door which will be open and enter in to school.
  • Year 6 children will enter school from the pedestrian gate and walk way next to the school offices. They will walk along the pathway, past the library and enter their class. Year 6’s can be dropped off by the gate and can walk around to class themselves.
  • All children will santise or wash their hands as they enter school.
  • Class teachers will work together to ensure that children hang coats, bags etc up in their class bubbles without mixing.
  • From 3:00pm parents need to start picking their children up, they can enter through the necessary gate, follow the one way system and stop by the classroom door of your child. I am afraid at this point teachers cannot have a long conversation as we need to keep everything moving. If you do need to talk to a teacher, please phone the school and they will get back to you. We believe in communication above everything and will never be rude or dismissive but we do need to respect the social distancing measures and keep pick up and drop offs short and brief.


  • Please be considerate when parking – park away from the school and walk over to pick your children up – you don’t have to come down Gumbleberrys Close to the end of the cul de sac.
  • If you live close enough and you can walk – please do that instead of bringing the car. (certainly those who live on Cotterills Lane, Everton Road, Essendon Road, etc)
  • BE ON TIME. We are giving you a 15 minute window at the beginning and end of each day to come and collect your child/children. Gates will be closed at 9:00am and 3:15am.
  • If you want to have a good chat (and who doesn’t) please move away from the school gates – we have plenty of grass and pavement space opposite the school, have a chat there, but don’t all bunch up outside the gates before they open.
  • Please be respectful of each other – some people are very nervous, others more relaxed but we must respect all those in our community and practice social distancing.
  • There will be a member of staff on duty on each of the gates morning and afternoon – we will smile and say hello!