"Love one another as I have loved you."

St Cuthbert's School will be opening on June 1st for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 6 and children of key workers and other identified key groups. I hope the information below will make clear how we are going to re-open and what your children will experience. There are three different parent guides and five pupil guides. We have created these so that children can understand the changes and differences in school and be prepared. 
We are really looking forward to welcoming your children back and as we have been open for the last 10 weeks, for key worker children, we feel we have excellent strategies in place. 
If your child is in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 you will have been contacted this week and we will have discussed your concerns, worries and hopefully, answered your questions. 
We have put all the government guidance onto the COVID-19 section of our website if you wish to refer to this. 
Please start with the Newsletter and then move onto the guides. The school is open tomorrow so if you have any queries get in touch. The school will then close for half term and re-open on June 1st to the above classes. 

Parent Guide for June 1st Re-opening

Nursery Guide                                Rec/Yr1/Yr 6 Guide                       Key worker/group Guide Yr 2/Yr 3/Yr 4/Yr 5

Children's Guide for June 1st Re-opening

Nursery Guide                Reception Guide             Year 1 Guide              Year 6 Guide                Yr 2/3/4/5 Guide

Policy updates

Behaviour Policy              New behaviour expectations            Safeguarding Policy             Safeguarding codicil

Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman

During this strange time, your children may be feeling a little anxious. This lovely story written by Jon Burgerman explains, in a child-friendly way, all about what worries are and how we can deal with our worries. We recommend you watch this video with your child if they are feeling anxious at this time. 

There are Nursery Places for September 2020 available - please come to the office and get an Application form. Please bring Birth Certificate, Proof of Address and, if your child has been baptised Catholic, a copy of their Baptism Certificate. There are part time and, if you are eligible, full time spaces. At this difficult time, if you want to, you can just phone the office and register your child, giving details to the lovely team over the phone; we can then send all the paperwork out to you to fill in.

Welcome to St Cuthbert's          Primary School.

Welcome to St Cuthbert’ School;  we are a small, family based Catholic school who keeps Christ at its centre. At St. Cuthbert's we aim to promote the welfare and development of every child that comes into our care. I am proud and privileged to be the Head Teacher of this wonderful school.

We aspire to set the highest standards and encourage each of our children to achieve the best they can. We believe in a holistic approach to education, one in which the whole child is considered and cared for. We serve the families and residents of our local parish (Corpus Christi) and our local community (Stechford). We expect high standards of behaviour, good manners and co-operation at all times. We are open and friendly and welcome all into our community.

St Cuthbert’s is a happy school, with a fantastic team of dedicated teachers, teaching assistants, secretaries, dinner ladies, cooks and cleaners. If you wish to get in contact to find out more please do so.

I hope you find the website useful.

Mrs S Hobbs


Worried about a child?

If you have any concerns about the safety and/or welfare of a child or young person please contact the school on 0121 675 2205 and ask to speak to : 

MrsS Hobbs (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr J Wilson (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mr A Samuels (Pastoral Lead)

Mr C Daly (Safeguarding Governor) .

You can also contact

the Multi-Agency Safeguarding HUB (MASH) on 0121 303 1888 or

e-mail:  MASH@birmingham.gov.uk

Children and teachers of St Cuthbert's who are currently in school made this banner in support of all the wonderful people helping others.

The children and staff want to continue to show their support for our NHS and other key workers.

School Year 2019 to 2020

Autumn Term 2019

Term Starts
: Monday 2 September 2019. (school opens to pupils on Tuesday 3rd September 2019).

Half Term: Monday 28 October 2019 to Friday 1 November 2019

Term Ends: Friday 20 December 2019

Spring Term 2020

Term Starts: Monday 6 January 2020

Half Term: Monday 17 February 2020 to Friday 21 February 2020

Term Ends: Friday 3 April 2020

Summer Term 2020

Term Starts: Monday 20 April 2020

Half Term: Monday 25 May 2020 to Friday 29 May 2020

Term Ends: Monday 20 July 2020

Teacher Training Days

Monday 20th July 2020

Voting Day -Thursday 7th May  2020
Bank Holiday Friday 8th May 2020



Please complete our parent survey regarding returning to school: Return to school survey

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