Collective Worship

What is Collective worship and why is it important?

Collective worship is the act of the school coming together as one to celebrate and profess our faith in one way or another. This can be daily prayer, masses or time when we reflect together.  
The Catholic Education Service states: "Collective worship is far more than a statutory requirement. It is crucial to the spiritual life of the school and to pupils’ moral and spiritual development. Collective worship is an important part of a Catholic school’s distinctive ethos...Taking part in daily collective worship helps build community cohesion by creating a consistent structure around the core values and symbols of Christianity."

Whole school Collective worship.

During times of liturgical importance we will ensure to hold regular who school collective worship in our hall. However, we also do this each half term to discuss our values and virtues. We also have fortnightly class collective worship, where each class come together to pray and reflect, either about a particular whole school theme or something personal to their class.

Where possible all class collective is led and organised by the children.


We are very lucky to be able to celebrate mass weekly at school on a Friday. Each class will have the opportunity to take part in the celebration of the Eucharist. Children take responsibility for: reading the Liturgy of the Word, Introducing the mass, participating in the Offertory Procession and concluding our time of prayer with a meaningful reflection. 

Our Year 6 children also help weekly by altar serving, leading the offertory table and presenting the PowerPoint presentation for each mass. 

Several members of our staff also participate in the mass by ministering the Eucharist. A vocation which they fulfill in school and in their own parishes. 

 Collective Worship Policy
Please click the link to view our collective worship policy. 

Link to DFE guidance on collective worship: DFE Collective Worship Guidance