St Cuthbert's School is a Catholic School; in essence this means we are motivated in our thoughts, words and actions by the Gospel Values. Much of what we do in school is part of the Catholic Life of the school and we want to share with you all the different elements that make our school special and also to show you how important the Catholic nature of our school is to each of us. Our 2014 Section 48 RE inspection stated that " Catholic Life outstanding strength of the school"

There is so much to share from our Collective Worship (Masses and Prayer Services), celebrations, Sacramental Programme, fund raising activities, Class Saints, trips and visits to places of worship to our school prayers, our R.E. work (which is top class!) and our community work. Please have a look at all we do to demonstrate that we are living and thriving multi-cultural Catholic Community.

Already quoted above is a sentence from our R.E. Inspection. The School was judged to be outstanding is all elements of R.E and Catholic Life. You can read a full copy of the report below.                                                   

R.E. Inspection Report 2014

The school also has an R.E. policy which explains all the different aspects of R.E, Catholic Life, teaching and learning that are covered in R.E. throughout the academic year.

R.E. Policy