Parent Questionnaire Feedback

My child has always felt safe within the St. Cuthbert's family.

At St Cuthbert's we are always keen to know the opinion of the parents and families of the children who attend our school. At our most recent Parent's Evening we distributed a survey, to which Ninety Four were completed and returned. This represents a large majority of the families within our school, if not all. As a staff it is always useful to receive feedback in order to help us do our jobs to the fullest. We are happy say the majority of the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We have taken the decision to share the results of the questionnaire with you, in order to celebrate our strengths, and show our areas of development. 

Questions asked in Questionnaire: Percentage who Strongly agreed and Agreed.
1. St Cuthbert’s School  offers an inclusive and welcoming catholic education. 97.8%
2.  Staff care effectively about the well- being of children and set a good moral example. 98.9%
3. My child is happy at St Cuthbert’s School. 100%
4. My child feels safe at St. Cuthbert’s School. 97.8%
5. The school raises awareness of local, national and international issues and how as Catholics we can respond. 96.8%
6.  Excellent, effective links exist between the parish and school. 96.8%
7. St Cuthbert’s promotes the best in Christian values and morals. 98.9%
8. Pupils are well taught at St Cuthbert’s School. 97.8%
9. Children make excellent academic progress at St. Cuthbert’s School. 98.9%
10. Parents are kept well informed about their child’s progress? 96.8%
11. Parents know what they can do to help their children progress?
12. The school offer excellent extra curricular activities ? 80.8 % (13.8% did not answer)
13.  The school offers excellent provision for children with SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability)? 89.3%
14. The school responds to parents’ views and takes its open door policy seriously? 97.8%
15. There is effective leadership and management at St Cuthbert’s school? 98.9%
16. The levels of behaviour and safety in school are outstanding? 97.8 %
17. St Cuthbert’s School promotes high attendance and punctuality? 100%

Here are a sample of quotes also taken from the questionnaire:

  • My child is very happy here - she thanked us just recently for sending her to this school.
  • St. Cuthbert's welcome and support people of all abilities, race, religion etc.
  • School is a safe place where problems are dealt with quickly.
  • My children have taken part in a variety of Clubs, sports, science, cooking, music etc.
  • Really strong, caring and genuine management of the school.
  • It is unusual to find such a small, outstanding school in your local community these days.  We feel so privileged and happy that our daughter is able to attend such a unique and fabulous primary school. 
  • Parents evening is great, but also the open door policy is great as you can ask about anything to help your child at all times.
  • My child has always felt safe within the St. Cuthbert's family.