The Staff of St Cuthbert’s School





Safeguarding, Pastoral Lead, Assessment and Writing

Mrs S Hobbs

Deputy Head

Safeguarding, Assessment and SENCO

Mr K Kelly

KS2 Co-ordinator, Maths Co-ordinator and Student Supervisor

Mr M O’Rourke – Year 6 Teacher

EYFS Co-ordinator and Phonics Lead

Mrs C Hodson - Reception Teacher

Computing, E-Safety, Attendace and School Website.

Mr J Wilson - Year 5 Teacher



Mr T Gallagher (R.E. Co-ordinator)

Year 3 Teacher

Miss E Johnson

 Year 2 Teacher

Miss N Flynn

Year 1 Teacher

Miss L Savva

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Graty (D&T Co-ordinator)

Nursery Teacher (Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs S Mehew (Art Co-ordinator)

Nursery Teacher (Thursday and Friday)

Mrs K Baker (P.E. Co-ordinator)

Year 6 Teacher (Monday –Wednesday)

Mrs A Harries (Science Co-ordinator)

PPA and Intervention Teacher (Monday-Thursday)

Mrs G McKenna (Music Co-ordinator)  PPA Teacher (Wednesday - Friday)

Mrs O Still

 Mr A Samuels

PPA Teacher and Intervention (Monday- Wednesday)

 Pastoral Lead (Wednesday-Friday)



Miss M Cahill

Year 3 Teaching Assistant – Pupil Support and Library

Miss T Reilly

Year 4 Teaching Assistant – First Aid

Mrs M Parkes

Year 2 Teaching Assistant – R.E.

Miss J Edwards

Year 2 Teaching Assistant – SEN

Mrs J Knight

Year 5 Teaching Assistant – MFL

Mrs J Layton

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Boyle

Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Hargreaves

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss K Tombs

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Ms M Gardner

Year 5 Teaching/Integration Assistant   - SEN

Mrs R Hart

Year 6 Teaching/Integration Assistant - SEN

Miss R Neason

Reception and Year 1 Teaching Assistant

We have an ‘open door’ policy which means that we are happy to talk to you about any concerns or queries. Teachers will be available at the beginning and the end of the day; and a member of the Senior Management Team will be happy to talk to you if you wish. We ask you to please bear in mind teaching responsibilities and that a teacher may not always be able to speak to you immediately. At St Cuthbert’s we are a community that thrives on communication but we do not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour from any person – if you are upset about a school issue please come and talk to the Head or Deputy but remember your manners.



Mrs A Ashmore

Bursar and Senior Administrator

Mrs A Akhtar

General Office Administrator

Mrs C Gibbins

General Office Administrator

Once again our office staff are available and willing to help with any questions and queries however we ask you to remember that they may not know the answers to questions immediately and should always be spoken to in a polite manner – they are only here to help!



Mr M Whitmore




Ms H Tracey

Senior Supervisor

Ms A Burcher

 Year 4

Ms K Pepper

 Year 6

Miss Y Byrnes

 Year 5

Ms M Romney

 Year 2

Mrs B McCabe

Miss J Mitchell

Year 3 

Year 1

Miss K Fisher

Mrs J Jarvis

 1:2 Support




Mrs W Khan

Catering Supervisor

Mrs E Lanchester

Deputy Supervisor

Mrs H Finnigan


Mrs V Banks


Mrs L Ronan




Mrs J Jarvis


Mrs L Ronan