Year Group Overview

Each term we will publish an overview of what your child will be covering in class, teachers have also included information on homework expectations and other additional information we hope you find useful.  This is just a guide if you have any further questions please come in and ask, we do hope that your children will be able to tell you about the learning they have been taking part in!

Nursery             Autumn Overview                       Spring Overview                   Summer Overview

Reception           Autumn Overview                       Spring Overview                   Summer Overview

Year 1                 Autumn Overview                     Spring Overview                     Summer Overview

Year 2                Autumn Overview                     Spring Overview                    Summer Overview

Year 3               Autumn Overview                       Spring Overview                      Summer Overview

Year 4               Autumn Overview                      Spring Overview                     Summer Overview

Year 5                Autumn Overview                    Spring Overview                      Summer Overview

Year 6               Autumn Overview                     Spring Overview                      Summer Overview