Physical Education

Intent: What we want our children to achieve whilst at Saint Cuthbert's.

Implement: How we will achieve our aims

Extra-Curricular Provision
As well as the main PE lessons, we also give children the opportunity to practice their skills and improve their general level of fitness using Jumpstart Johnny, Skip to be fit and the Daily Mile. Children are encouraged to take ownership on tracking and developing their fitness levels in each of these activities. 

Impact: How we will measure the provision we have given our children.

To ensure that children make good progress in all areas of P.E., we have adopted a progression framework which looks at the key skills in each area for PE and divides them into three milestones. Children, throughout their time at St. Cuthberts will be given the provision relevant to their age group and skill set. 

PE Progression of Skills

Mrs Baker is our P.E. coordinator. Her role is to monitor the provision the children receive in PE. She does this through lesson observations, planning scrutinies and pupil voice. This then feeds into any CPD she can give staff. 

Sports Premium Funding
Please click the link below to view our Sports Premium money expenditure