Our vision for MFL?  To enjoy it and to want to do it after leaving our school!
We recognise that in an ever shrinking world, the ability to speak another language can greatly improve the employability of children when they enter the workforce.  We want our children to enjoy learning French and when they leave our school to be enthused enough to want to continue their learning in secondary school and beyond.  So French at St Cuthbert’s should be lessons that the children look forward to.  We want the children to understand that learning another language can be enjoyable.  Children will grow in confidence in using French by improving their ability to read, speak and write French in a range of situations.

Intent: What we want our children to achieve in MFL at St Cuthbert's

French is taught throughout KS2. The teachers use the TWINKL scheme as a guide. Each term there is a different theme for the children to study, this should also build upon the knowledge from their previous year. We also aim to embed knowledge by having signposts around school in both French i.e. Library- bibliothèque.  Yearly Overview for French.


Pupil questionnaire:  This is done in the spring term and about 15 children from KS2 will be asked a range of questions to ascertain their enjoyment and views on the subject.  The results and analysis of this will be displayed in the coordinators file and will be presented to SMT.  Any areas for development will be considered for inclusion on the following year’s subject action plan. 

Lesson observations:  Three lessons will be observed in the spring term and will be judged against the criteria of: 

Spoken French – are children given lots of opportunity to speak French and with correct pronunciation.

Written French – are the children given opportunity to develop their written French.

Reading French – are the children given opportunity to read French.

Enjoyment:  Do the children enjoy the lesson?

Pupil interview:   At the end of the academic year, a sample of children will be interviewed.  The MFL lead will ask the children to speak and read French to see if their learning has progressed.  A typical interview may ask the child to speak/read or write some of the vocabulary and structures they have learnt in French that year.  Any findings or areas for development that become apparent from these interviews will be considered for inclusion on the following year’s subject action plan.