Art and Design

Art and Design at Saint Cuthbert’s Primary School is based on three main curriculum drivers: developing ideas, mastering techniques and taking inspiration from the greats both modern and classic. Our main aim is that children are given the opportunity to practice and develop their skills in a range of visual arts, gain knowledge and experiences both inside and outside of school and have a passion for art.

Intent: What we want our children to achieve whilst at Saint Cuthbert's.

Implement: How we will achieve our aims

Use subject specific vocabulary appropriate for their age group to communicate artistically.
From Reception to Year 6 vocabulary is used and modeled to children during art lessons in order for the children to become literate when speaking about art. Each unit of work had words attached to them which will allow the children to speak confidently about their work. These words are also displayed in art display boards and used regularly in lessons.

To draw confidently and adventurously from observation, memory and imagination.
All Key Stage 2 children have an art observation book. This is separate to their Art subject books and are used exclusively to give the children extra opportunities to practice their art skills independently and giving them the choice of the subject to create in their own way. These are used during registration tasks as well as used on trips.

To use their senses and their feeling to plan and create an original and independent piece of artwork in 2D, 3D or digital media and to develop their ability to select and use materials, processes and techniques in their artwork.
Our Curriculum has been carefully designed to give the children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 the opportunities to express themselves using a range of different visual arts both 2D and 3D. Careful planning has ensured that children are given the opportunity to not only create independent pieces of artwork but to also develop their skills within each visual art across each key phase.

To know about and understand the work and lives of artists, craft makers and designers.
Our weekly cultural capital lessons focus on learning about the lives and works of great artists and sculptors. Each year group are given one artist and one sculptor to focus on. This allows them to appreciate a range of different artists throughout their school life. To compliment this, children are also given the opportunity to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in Key Stage 2 to admire and critique original pieces of artwork. 

To enjoy and appreciate their own artwork and the artwork of others. Reflecting and analysing, their own and others work to suggest ways to further develop their artistic style and skills.
At Saint Cuthbert’s, we not only want children to create pieces of artwork but to have the ability and perspective to understand how they can improve as well as being a helping guide to their peers. This is done through end of unit assessments, mini gallery plenaries and within our cultural capital lessons.

Art and Design Units of Study

Cultural Capital Units of Study (Art Based)

Impact: How we will measure the provision we have given our children.

To ensure that children make progress throughout their school life in Art and Design the curriculum provided to the children will have a progressive set of skills attached to each unit. Children will be taught those skills and given the opportunity to use them in their own independent pieces of artwork. Please see the link below to see what skills your children will be learning. 

Progression of Skills - Art and Design

Mrs Mehew is our Art Coordinator. Her role is to ensure that all children in our school are receiving well taught, well planned art lessons and that children make good progress throughout the key stages. She will achieve this by completing regular book trawls, pupil voice interviews, planning scrutinies and lesson observations. This is then fed back to the Senior Management team who assess the overall impact of the provision children receive, celebrate the wonderful work around school in Art and Design and implement any areas which could be further improved.