COVID-19 Advice

Birmingham Council documents: Phased Reopening         Infection Control.

Please see the current guidance for Schools during closure:

Children with SEND - we know that this must be an incredibly difficult time for all our families; if your child has SEN (Special Educational Need) then the Birmingham agencies have issued advice and contact details for parents to help support them during this time. 

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Communication and Autism Team
                Physical Difficulties                  Sensory Support              Pupil and School Support

You can also find more information on the Birmingham City Council website

If you have concerns or need additional support, Birmingham city council are offering over the phone consultations with psychologists. Please follow the link for more information: Leaflet for parent support. 

Update 09/04/20
To help your child to understand what the coronavirus is in a child friendly way this book has been designed to ensure your children are given information which is age appropriate. If your child is feeling anxious about the virus or are asking questions, you may find the resource below useful. 

Coronavirus for children book

Update 08/04/20

During this strange time, as faith-filled people, prayer can be a way for us to get through this. It can be a time where we ask for God's help in times of sadness and loss. It can be a time where we thank God for the healthcare workers who are helping to fight this pandemic. It can be a time where we ask for God's wisdom for those in power, to make the right decisions for the good of our world. Please see the document below created by the Liturgy office for prayers especially relevant during this global pandemic. As always, our prayers are for you all to be safe during this time. 

Corona virus prayers

Update 06/04/20
Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you are all keeping well. This should be the start of the two week Easter holiday but we remain open for children of key workers and other families in the school. If you look on the front page of our website then you will be able to see the rainbow that we have created in school. We are in regular contact with you all but please don't forget that if you have any questions that you can phone the office between 9:00am - 3:30 pm everyday. We are busy trying to sort out all the vouchers for free school meals at the moment, again you can call the school if you have any queries about this. All staff remain well and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I miss you all - school isn't the same without the children and the families. 

Update 25/3/20

I hope that everyone is keeping well. We have contacted nearly all families in school and the office remains open for you to call between 8.00- 15.30 everyday. We are supporting families of key workers and other children in the school, by being open everyday for them. Some of our parents are front line NHS staff and are doing an amazing job. School staff have been fantastic in these difficult times. At present we do not know when schools will be re-opened but we will be keeping in constant touch with you.

Update: 20/3/20
At this time, we as a school are following the guidance of the government. The government has asked all schools to open during school closure for certain children set out in the document above. We will be contacting parents today to collect relevant information. All children who do not fit into the categories stated by the government will be given a paper pack of work to do whilst the school is closed. Further information will be posted once we receive it. If you have any concerns please ring the school and we will try to suppor
t you.   

School letter 20th March 2020