Sports Premium at St. Cuthbert's:

The Government have allocated funding to each school to ensure that the level of Physical Education and Sports is raised within each school. This document explains how the funding allocation has been spent at St. Cuthbert's.                                                                                                                                               

We have:

(i) Created a partnership with a local school game organiser in order to create more opportunities for our children to compete in competitions.  

(ii) Employed a company and coaches to run a number of Sports after-school clubs including Football, Dance and Gym. 

(iii) Employ a sports coach to help children develop their gross motor skills - 1 session a week.

(iv) Invested in lunchtime and playtime sports equipment to ensure that children have the access to fitness on the playground.

(v) Invested in a range of P.E. equipment to support teaching and learning.

(vi) Trained some our pupils to be play leads for our younger pupils in school.

St. Cuthbert's Sports Premium Report

St Cuthbert's Sports Premium Statement 2014-2015

St Cuthbert's Sports Premium Statement 2015-2016

St Cuthbert's Sports Premium Statement 2016-2017

St Cuthbert's Sports Premium Statement 2017-2018

If you have any suggestions to help us further our Sports provision please contact the school.

Swimming data (Number of Year 6 who can swim 25M+): 

2016/2017- 22/31 = 71%

2017/ 2018-24/30 = 80%