St Cuthbert's Primary Catholic School is a Voluntary Aided School and adheres to the Birmingham Diocesan Admissions Policy. There is a copy of this policy avaliable of this page this clearly explains the admissions criteria that the school adheres to, please read it carefully and if you have any questions contact Mrs Ashmore in the School Office. 

Our PAN (Published Admissions Number) is 30 pupils per class and we have waiting lists for all classes in the school; this is set and reviewed by the governors annually. 

Admissions Policy 2019/20   

Admissions Policy 2020/21


Please note that you must complete and send off a Local Authority Application, applying to the school allows us to rank applications through the documentation you give us however the Local Authority MUST receive an application from you - applying directly to the school is NOT enough.


(1) Read through the Admissions Policy and check that your child meets one of the points on the Admissions Criteria                                                                                                                              

(2) Apply to the School - you will be asked to fill in a number of forms that you can print off and fill in below.

(3) You need to give the School a copy of your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE and BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE (if they have been Baptised) and a PROOF OF ADDRESS DOCUMENT (utility bill etc).

(4) You will be sent a letter by Birmingham City Council about applying for a Reception School place, they ask you to apply on-line at the following website address: The option of using a paper form is still avaliable if you prefer, the school has a small supply of these forms. Return completed form to the Local Authority

(5) You will hear from the Local Authority about your child's school place - if you haven't got a place at St Cuthbert's you can appeal. Please click the link below to understand the appeals process.

St Cuthbert's School Application Form

Diocesan Appeals Form

If you have any questions about your child starting at school, or how to obtain places in other year groups, please contact the Children's Information and Advice Service 0121 303 1888 option 4. 


St. Cuthbert's Nursery has 52 part time places. 26 morning places and 26 afternoon places.

Children start Nursery in the September after they are 3 years old.

Please apply directly to the School for a place in Nursery. You will need to complete some forms and bring your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE and PROOF OF ADDRESS.

The School will send you confirmation of a Nursery place and you will be asked to reply to the school by returning an acceptance slip.


If you have a child who has not started St Cuthbert's in Reception but you would like to apply you just need come to the School Office and complete the admissions forms bringing your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE, BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE and PROOF OF ADDRESS.

The School will let you know whether they can take your child (i.e. do they have space) and if they can't where they are ranked on the class waiting list. If there is no place but you feel you have a case you can complete an appeals form and your application will be heard by an independent panel.